Animal Care and Control in Chicago: Fashion Show

Happy Dog: Caring For Your Dog’s Body, Mind and Spirit. “We wrote the book because we want to help people improve the lives of their dogs. Dogs give us unconditional love and friendship, and ask for little in return. Dogs can’t take care of themselves, so we want to teach people to how to improve the quality and quantity of a dog’s life and enhance the lives of the dog owners as well,” explained Jill. She is a heavily involved animal activist and showed her love for animals when she said, “ Animals bring us joy and amusement and teach us compassion and responsibility. Since they can’t speak for themselves, they need people to advocate for them. I think it’s important for everyone to help their community and I looked for a way to assist in an area that I felt strongly about. ”  She is a big animal activist who has been working with the Chicago shelter rescuing dogs for over a decade.  Jill Cahr is a good friend of Lisa Burik, another Latin parent and the owner of Frankie’s on the Park. Lisa was motivated by Jill to help animals, and therefore has collaborated with Jill and Alicia in organizing a fashion show for the animals at Frankie’s on the Park on February 14, 2009.  “We want to help spread awareness of Chicago Animal Care and Control and perhaps even to help get a few dogs adopted into loving homes,” Lisa explained. By having the fashion show at Frankie’s, it gives an opportunity to the young community to contribute to helping animals in a new, exciting way. The fashion show will be held to create more awareness of Animal Care and Control in Chicago and hopefully gain more support for the animals. All the animals there are very loving, compassionate, and adorable. They have gone through tough times and really need the help from others to nourish them back to full health. At the shelter there have been many great stories about animals getting the opportunity of a better life back and to create even more new stories we encourage everyone to come out to the fashion show and positively impact the animals’ lives. To meet and possibly adopt any of these great dogs, please visit Chicago Animal Care & Control in person at 2741 S. Western Avenue in Chicago. The shelter is open for adoptions Wednesday through Friday from 4pm to 7pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 3, and 4 to 7. To see the rest of the pets available at Animal Care and Control, go to their website at]]>