Starbucks with Sam

Sam Cohen Staff Writer/Columnist As Communications Chair, I have made it my goal to get to know all of the folks I haven’t met who I have seen walking around Latin’s hallowed halls. Attending a high school with such a small population, I often find myself telling my public school friends that at Latin, “everybody knows everybody.” Though this sometimes feels true, it’s simply hyperbole. Before today, I did not know James Edgar Lawson. Luckily, I had the pleasure of meeting and discussing life with this young man over a breakfast of apple juice at the quaint little coffee shop across the street from Latin. It all happened so suddenly. I was roaming the freshman hall in my usual (somewhat creepy) manner, asking students if they would so kindly accompany me for some refreshment. While others were hesitant, James offered to join me (what a nice guy). I got to know this young lad a bit, and I would like to introduce him to those who have not yet had the pleasure of befriending him. James is a lifer at Latin. He has approximately 2.5 free periods (classic Global Cities Visual Arts), and when I asked him what he would like the school to know about him, he responded that he would like me to encourage people not to steal his calculator. (The Forum would like to issue a special statement:  Do not by any means or under any circumstances steal James Edgar Lawson’s calculator.) Soon our conversation flowed into the topic of athletics. James is an avid hockey player (a goalie, specifically,) and receives ISP credit for his devotion to the sport outside of school. I love hockey, and I revealed to him that not playing girls ice hockey was the biggest regret of my high school career.  He encouraged me to try it this year for one last senior year hoorah (after all, YOLO). While I will not be trying out for the team due to my lack of skill and fear of sharp ice skates, I appreciated James’ positive encouragement. Hockey is not the only thing James can conquer on the ice; in fact, James went on a six-hour glacier hike in Norway with some close friends and family members this summer. Incredible? Yes. Impossible? Not for James. After so much talk of ice, I became aware that I had been chewing on the ice leftover from my chai (contrary to my dentist’s wishes). I asked James if he had an interesting habit that could not be controlled. James responded that he always peels the skin off of grapes before he eats them, and uses a similar method with tomatoes. Our discussion then veered to the hypothetical, and I learned that if James were to create a school cub he would make a Car Appreciation Club; that if the world were indeed to end in 2012, James would spend his last day building a bunker and storing it with goods for himself, his family, and all of his Latin buddies (I explained that I would most likely eat everything I have ever wanted to while watching Bravo TV, but once he explained what he would do, I decided to copy him instead); and when asked what he would do if he could improve one thing about the school, James articulately explained that it would be majorly convenient to have outlets in our lockers to charge our cell phones and other devices while we are in class. (The Forum would like to issue a second special statement: We urge anyone who has a cool idea for the school to fill out a proposal sheet on the Student Government board and hand it to one of your reps!) Our free period spent getting to know each other was a blast, and thanks to my subtle Starbucks creepiness, I can now wave to James in the hallway or ask him about his latest hockey game instead of having to awkwardly shuffle past him. I suggest you take the time to get to know James Lawson if you haven’t already! Until next time, Sam James’ Song of the week: “Pursuit of Happiness” (Steve Aoki remix)]]>