How Are Students Feeling about Homecoming This Year?


Ava Falk

The Upper School student government held a spirit week in preparation for this weekend’s homecoming games.

While Homecoming week and weekend are two of the most fun traditions at Latin, the annual events will look a little different this year. Traditionally, the Homecoming dance is held at an off-campus venue, but this year, it will be held in the Upper School Field Gym.

Senior Prefect Shreya Wojno explained the reasoning behind this decision. “If something were to spontaneously change due to COVID restrictions, for example, the amount of people who can be in one space together, and all of a sudden, we can only have half of the school at an event space, that could be a $2,000 deposit that we just lost for a Homecoming we didn’t even get to have.”

As someone who is helping plan the dance, Shreya said it wasn’t really a student government decision but was the only option, and she said that the student government knew that there would be restrictions to every big event they planned this year. “I’m definitely a little bummed that Homecoming isn’t at an off campus venue this year,” she said.

While freshmen and sophomores have never had a Homecoming due to the pandemic, they have high hopes for the dance this year. Freshman Sammy Episcope said, “I expect to have a lot of fun hanging out with friends, good music, and a relaxed environment.”

Sophomore Quinn Healy said, “I am expecting to have a fun night socializing with many of my friends during my first Homecoming dance” and noted that he is also excited for spirit week.

While Quinn said that he would rather have had it at another venue to shake things up, especially while the weather is good, both Quinn and Sammy said that they were grateful for the opportunity to even have a dance this year.

Juniors and seniors are also pumped up for this week’s events. Junior Leo Romano wasn’t able to attend his first Homecoming dance, so he will experience the festivities for the first time this year. He said, “I am most excited to see the spirit of the individuals in our class and other classes.” Leo also said, “I am hyped for the dance because with COVID and all, it’s been a while since the whole school has come together, so that’s fun!”

Senior Natalie Ruhana, who has attended two Homecoming dances, said, “In past years, I have enjoyed the cool venues that Homecoming has been at,” but she still has high hopes for it to be just as fun as the past two Homecomings.

Shreya said, “After having missed 18 months of “normal” high school, any return to pre-COVID tradition is perfect for me, regardless of venue.”