The Pros and Cons of E-Learning


Emilia Rose, Staff Writer

Since E-learning has been extended into the rest of the 2019-2020 school year, zoom classes have become the new “normal” to the student body. Each class meets synchronously twice in the eight-day cycle, which results in a mix of heavy days and light days for students. As talk about E-learning continuing in the fall grows, many students have formed opinions about their feelings toward zoom classes, relative to a regular day at school. 

Some students’ unbalanced schedules have made time management very difficult for them. Junior Nicole Lucas describes how “some days are super packed whereas other days I will have almost nothing. The days where I have nothing are good breaks, but I wish it was split up more evenly.” Nicole adds, “The days where I have more than two zoom calls are super draining because I will also have so much work, and there’s not a lot of time for me to get it done on time.” 

Not only are the number of zoom classes fluctuating from day to day, but they are starting to affect the students’ performance. Sophomore Vivie Koo says, “The one downside to having zoom classes is the inconsistency. What I struggle with most is learning how to adapt.” Vivie also elaborates on the pro’s of E-learning. “This has been a good way to test my organization skills, and ultimately I think that learning to adapt to the randomness of online classes each day will be useful in any future jobs or in life in general,” she says. E-learning has also begun to interfere with hobbies, as Sophomore runner Keely Moll explains. “Consistency would be nice in helping me plan out my schedule,” she said, “mostly because it is hard planning when I can workout.” 

Senior Michael Meagher, has had a constructive experience with online classes. “I don’t mind the busy days because I know in advance that a day is going to be packed with classes, and I can prepare for that,” he says. He also touches on how “other days are lighter, so it all balances out nicely.” Sophomore Marissa Isaacs, describes how unbalanced classes actually serve as a benefit to her during these times. “I do not really mind the unbalanced schedule, as the lighter days allow time to catch up on all my work.” Despite the fact that she enjoys the way her schedule is constructed, she admits, “During the longer days, staring at a screen all day can be somewhat challenging, but I enjoy being able to engage in schoolwork live.” 

Students have disparate opinions on this unfamiliar, new kind of education. If this carries into the 2020-2021 school year, most students may feel less pressure if the days are more consistent and manageable.