Latin Families Welcome New Pets

Charlie Williams, Staff Writer

Throughout quarantine, pets have been providing comfort for many. I know at least my dog has become my shadow, following me around the house each day and sitting by my feet as I work. Unlike me, many prior to quarantine did not have dogs or any pets at all. Now in quarantine, pets are more popular than ever, families choosing that now is the best time to give an animal full attention, and some parents just enjoying the distraction a pet provides for their kids. Knowing just how cute new pets are I thought that the happiest news I could provide the Latin community is just a few of our peer’s quarantine pets, with the hope that these furry faces will brighten your day!


Caroline Cummins and her family welcomed their new member of the fam, Cooper, during quarantine. At only 14 weeks old Caroline says her favorite memory with his so far is getting him! “I was so excited and we’ve had dogs all throughout my life but this was the first dog purchase I’ve been involved in!” 



Sophomore Natalie Ruhana welcomed Astro into her family during quarantine, too. Natalie wants to make it clear that this pup is named after the dog in the Jetsons, NOT the baseball team. According to Natalie Astro’s favorite hobby is picking up sticks that are double the size of him. Her favorite memory so far is, “We tried to walk him to the groomer 2.5 blocks from our house, but he got tired halfway through and laid down in someone’s yard.”


The Hoplamazians welcomed their new puppy, Ottie, into their quarantine. Leo says that Ottie got her name because they thought she looked like an otter when they got her. Leo said that at four-and-a-half months old, she has “endless amounts of energy.” Leo says his favorite memory with Ottie so far is, “when I was walking her and I accidentally dropped the leash and she ran through the entirety of Oz park with everyone watching me frantically chase after her. It was very embarrassing and by the time I did catch her she had run about 3 blocks.” 




Last but certainly not least Lindley McCutcheon welcomed four kittens into her home unexpectedly. Although she said, “not naming them because we’re planning on giving them away once they can leave their mother,” these adorable kittens definitely deserve to be included in the quarantine pet list. Lindly says, “my favorite memory was either when all four of them were sleeping on me at once or when we couldn’t find one of them and then we discovered it was behind the drawer that the mom chose them to sleep in so we had to pull out the drawer so we could save it.”