Latin Had a Congressional Ball at Harvard Model Congress

Samantha Cohen Features Editor   Recently on Thursday, February 23, 19 students accompanied by their beloved chaperones Ms. Hennessey, Mr. Windus, and Mrs. Gifford joined together to fly to Boston, Massachusetts where a highly anticipated event would take place. This weekend-long event was a government simulation called Harvard Model Congress hosted by Harvard University and attended by high school students around the globe. The weekend was spent discussing and passing legislation on hot and relevant topics in Congress such as climate change (no pun intended), health care, and the legalization of gay marriage. Latin students put their skills learned in Speech class and English 11 to work as they crafted persuasive arguments filled with rhetorical devices in order to convince fellow congressmen to vote for their bills. Though the attendees of Harvard Model Congress missed out on the hustle and excitement of Winter Ball and the amazing Latin basketball victory of the same weekend, they were still surrounded by the exhilaration of heated arguments on the senate floor and the fervor of the 2012 mock election process. Despite debacles during committee sessions, Republicans, Democrats, and even Independents came together in bipartisan support of the unmoderated “congressional ball” on Saturday night. Delegates danced the night away to hits such as “Party in the U.S.A” by Miley Cyrus and executed their “right to party”. When Latin students weren’t consumed with these exciting activities they were exploring the city of Boston; shopping on Newbury Street, touring Boston colleges, or simply brunching at a local eatery. Senior Ben Tannenbaum recalls his favorite parts of the conference being when fellow senior Alex Kling drew an Econ graph to explain something to the whole senate and when Daniel Davies and Michael Berger “proposed a motion to locomotion then proceeded to dance the ‘locomotion’ in front of their entire committee.” Despite some embarrassing moments and the constant lack of elevator service, the Latin delegation at Harvard Model Congress, according to freshman Joey Sallerson, “was an overall success.”]]>