Show Some Love

Henry Pollock

Yes, there is a Latin hockey team. However, if anything had gone differently in the spring of 2011, it is possible that there would be no team. Just under two years ago it was announced that Latin’s hockey program, as well as the dance program, would be terminated at the end of the year. This news shocked the Latin hockey community, who, due to the limited number of players at Latin, comprises of players and their respected families from Latin, Parker, Whitney Young, U-High, Lane Tech, and Payton. Rather than wallow in sorrow, the community took quick and decisive action to save the team. From the creation of Facebook groups like “Save Latin Hockey,” that consisted of over five hundred members, to the formation of an executive board run by parents of players, all members of the Latin hockey family contributed to the rebirth of the organization. Since then, the boys and girls teams have only been making forward progress in securing a bright future for urban high school hockey. That being said, why does it seem that no one cares?

In a school that prides itself on being supportive and encouraging, the absence of knowledge concerning Latin hockey contravenes its excellent qualities. All too often is the topic of Latin hockey greeted with responses like, “I thought the team was cut” or “Isn’t that just a club team Latin sponsors?”. This pattern is repeated time after time at Latin and the other schools. When asked what students at Whitney Young thought about the team, Whitney Young Senior Shane Flynn responded that “It’s not very popular and not very many people know we even have a team.” One must realize, however, that many people do indeed know Latin has hockey teams. Yet despite this knowledge, there is close to no support for the teams. In the past two years there have been few fans (other than family of the players) willing to go to a game; librarian Ms. Gifford has been the only fan at a boys game and teacher Mr. Choi and student Nicole Golub at girls game. The most common reasons students cite for not attending any games are that the games are “too far away”, at inconvenient times, or the fact the players are not all from Latin. What people do not realize is games often occur on Saturday afternoons at about three pm in rinks within fifteen minutes of many students’ houses, the same distance it is to go to a basketball or soccer game. It is true that the team is not comprised solely of Latin students, but even so, students should come and support the teams. Just like any other Latin sport, there is a Roman Head on the jersey, and the team is part of the Latin community and should be fully supported. Its members, trust me, need it.]]>