Latin's Furutre Politicians: A Recap of Princeton Model Congress

Samantha Cohen Staff Writer   This past Thursday, the 17th of November, thirteen enthusiastic students from The Latin School— along with students from fourty other high schools around the United States— ventured  to our Nation’s capital to participate in Princeton Model Congress.  The Latin School students were lucky to be chaperoned by the beloved teachers Ms. Hennessey and Mr. Windus.  Princeton Model Congress is a conference during which high school students simulate the three branches of the U.S Federal Government.  Latin students were able to assume such titles as “Senator Casalino”, “Justice Cohen”, and “Congressman Goldberg” for the weekend and debate charged topics that are currently being discussed in congress today, such as health care, abortion policy, TSA regulations and more. The conference was held at the prime location of Capital Hill at the Hyatt regency in Washington  D.C., just a few blocks away from the Mall (not that kind of mall…) which displays many famous monuments and buildings, such as the U.S. Capital building, Washington Monument, etc. Throughout the weekend, Latin delegates were always engaged in various activities; whether they were disputing the constitutionality of a bill, exploring D.C colleges, passing an amendment, or scarfing down some of the “famous Georgetown cupcakes”. When asked why he participated in the conference junior Michael Berger proclaimed “to be with good friends outside of school, see how our Government works firsthand and to chat with the ladies at the congressional ball.”  This past weekend was the first time that the Latin delegation has participated in Princeton Model Congress, and according to senior Alex Kling, it was a transcendent experience. When asked to describe the conference he simply stated, “ It is like Scholastic Bowl, but better.” Thankfully, each of the participants, along with Hennessy and Windus, despite a small delay, made it back to Chicago safely and just in time for an A.P U.S. History test the next morning.  There surely must be many memorable factors to the Princeton Model Congress experience, however, the delegates seemed to conclude that their most cherished memory had to be the unforgettable taste of the Georgetown cupcakes!  ]]>