Athlete of the Issue: Megan Sanaj


Robert Igbokwe, Editor-in-Chief

Although it’s her first year at Latin, there was no doubt that freshman Megan Sanaj would earn a spot on Latin’s Varsity Girls’ Basketball team. But she didn’t simply wake up one day as a three-point shooter; she’s been playing basketball since she first fell in love with the sport at the age of ten. With the help of supportive family and friends, along with a strong work ethic, Megan has already made her mark as one of Latin’s most talented athletes.
The young athlete hasn’t always loved basketball or sports in general. “When I was little I didn’t really do a lot of sports, but one day I went to my cousin’s house and we played with a little fruit basket and a ball in a little basement,” Megan said. “I never thought about playing basketball until then. I begged my parents to put me on a team, so they did.” Her parents’ support played a huge role in her later success in the sport. “I remember when my parents got me my first pair of pink and grey Jordans for my first game when I was in 4th grade,” Megan recounted. “My parents saw my potential and continued to be there for me as I continued to grow my passion for basketball.”
As her talent in the sport progressed, she joined a travel team. It was soon clear that her talent surpassed her age, and before she even entered high school, she was promoted to her travel team’s 17U. “I’m incredibly proud to be on the team and it’s already opened a lot of doors for me. I’ve been getting letters of interest from D1 colleges which is really exciting.”
But her success hasn’t come without hard work. Megan explained, “I usually practice six days a week for about two hours. Sometimes I go to my trainer if I don’t have too much homework and I have the time to do so.” 
During the winter, a significant amount of her practice is done with Latin’s Varsity Girls team. “I am very grateful to be on such a great team with amazing people surrounding me and playing the sport I love at another level.” Aside from improving as an athlete, Megan’s goal for the season was to make the most of her experience on the school’s team. “I want to create meaningful relationships with my teammates and help make the team as successful as possible.”
She’s already made a valuable connection with her fellow team member, Carter Golterman, a current junior. “Carter’s a huge inspiration. We have played together for about two years, and she has always been there for me. She always cheers me up whenever I am having a bad game and is there to cheer me on when I am having a great one. Aside from being a great teammate, she is a great friend.”
Although this year’s basketball season will be over by March, it will be far from the end of Megan’s freshman sports career. “Aside from playing on my travel team, I play volleyball, and I plan on continuing track this spring.”