Java with Jess and Viry

Jess Mora and Viry Ayala Though we had known her for a few years—I, Viry, knew her from track and I, Jess, from Hotel Paradiso (we were sisters!)— we decided that it was time we interviewed the always joyous, infinitely amiable Elizabeth Carlson. Elizabeth, for those who have yet to meet her, is currently a senior. She has done everything from theatre to softball and track, with many things in-between.  When we asked how her senior year was going she explained that “overall I’ve had a pretty good senior year, but…[these past two weeks] have been pretty stressful because of the play.” Throughout her high school career Elizabeth has been very involved in the theatre. She participated in Drowsy Chaperone her sophomore year and the Coarse Acting show the year before that.  In terms of her experience with Pippin she describes that she is most proud of this year’s musical. With all its intricate tricks it definitely gave the show an authentic circus feel. She recalls how learning tricks on the aerobic ball was a very pleasurable experience, “it was so much fun getting to know [Erika Marks]…we got really into it.” We also took up this interview opportunity to ask Elizabeth for her “tips for high school survival.” For managing stress Elizabeth told us of her strong support system at home with her brother and parents. She encourages fellow high schoolers (and even those outside the Upper School years) to remember that “stress comes and goes” and what’s most important is to “find a couple of friends or family members that you trust,” especially in the moments in which life throws a curve ball. Elizabeth also shared her wise words to students who would like to try theatre for the first time, “it’s definitely not for everyone, but if you’re feeling it doesn’t hurt to try a show. Even if you don’t get a big part, the theatre community is really welcoming” Though a second semester senior, Elizabeth still has much more to give to Latin. She is looking forward to a last season in softball and to performing in the Advanced Acting show. Elizabeth, like many Latin students, enjoys the adrenaline of trying new things and stepping outside the box. So try something new, don’t be afraid, and who knows—maybe you’ll be on the next issue of Java.    ]]>