Joseph Edwards: Meet the New Junior/Senior Dean

Margo Williams Mr. Edwards grew up in Fort Meyers, Florida and attended college at the University of Chicago. After graduating from college, he lived in Las Vegas for five years, but moved back to the city he now considers home. Mr. Edwards’ favorite thing about living in Chicago is the theatre scene, and the two oldest of his three children act. His son performed in a show at the Steppenwolf Theatre last year, so he spent quite a bit of time navigating Lincoln Park while his son was in rehearsals. After moving back to Chicago from Las Vegas, Mr. Edwards worked in Student Affairs at the University of Chicago for ten years, holding positions in the Dean of Students offices in the college, in the School of Social Services administration, and most recently in the Law School. While Mr. Edwards loved working at his Alma Mater, he felt that there was a piece missing. He said, “by the time somebody is 25 or 30 years old, they’ve kind of got it figured out.” By this, Mr. Edwards means that they don’t need very much guidance in the academic sphere: they know time management, know how to talk to a professor, and how to advocate for themselves, etc. He’s excited to put his skills to good use with students who are earlier in their academic journey, still sharpening and refining these skills. “I am motivated to work with students who are starting their higher educational journey rather than ending it.” Mr. Edwards also believes that his experiences in the collegiate and graduate school levels will help him greatly as he navigates what it means to be a high school dean at the Latin School. When asked to share one thing about himself with the student body, he responded “I don’t have any prescribed notion for what this job looks like… I really want to get to know people and I want to get to know them as individuals. I want people to come see me and say hi and tell me the good things that are happening, the bad things that are happening, and even the neutral things.”         It was clear to me, during our conversation, that Mr. Edwards is very excited for the beginning of the school year, and he’s excited to be working with students that will use him as a resource. My advice: don’t hesitate to do so.]]>