Verónica Valentín: Meet the New Spanish Teacher

Lily Campbell A new edition to the language department, Verónica Valentín, or Señora Valentín as most students will come to know her as, has been teaching for over 13 years in places such as Puerto Rico, New Jersey, and Madrid. Although Sra. Valentín was originally born in South Bronx in New York, she moved to Puerto Rico at age 10 with her entire family. Sra. Valentín recalls that her family’s relocation to Puerto Rico is where her full “immersion into the [Spanish] language and culture began.” Sra. Valentín has a passion for teaching, but it is her love for teaching language that truly defines her character as a teacher. The mere thought of her students understanding or matching her enthusiasm about the Spanish language is enough to excite her, and her goal is to help fully immerse her students in authentic Spanish language and culture. Sra. Valentín sees herself as a “facilitator of learning”–she aims to challenge her students through her teaching while also creating a supportive, dynamic space for students to grow as Spanish speakers. There is no doubt that Sra. Valentín will make an excellent addition to the language department, as her passion for language is contagious. Outside of the classroom, Sra. Valentín is equally as exciting as the language she teaches. She has a large family, with one older brother and seven younger half-siblings on her father’s side: a total of eight siblings. Her favorite season is summer and like any Chicagoan, native or a newcomer, her favorite place is Lake Michigan where she frequently takes walks. While she does not have any pets, her ideal pet would be a miniature pig named Chuleta who she would share her potato chips and her Trader Joe’s chocolate-coconut covered almonds with, both of which are tied for her favorite snack. We can’t wait to see where this year takes Sra. Valentín, her positivity and energy for this upcoming school year is enough to make a junior like me want to hit the books!]]>