Latin's New Food: Bon Appetit?

Oly Huzenis Staff Writer With new lockers, gym classes, and cell phone policies, Latin has strived hard over the summer to improve student life. However, the most astounding change took place in our very own cafeteria. Quest, an Illinois based food service provider, has recently been installed as Latin’s new food supplier – stirring up much excitement among the student body. By lunchtime on the first day of school, the verdict was solid: Latin’s new food was a hit. The revamped caf includes a new assortment of drinks, including the highly anticipated Red Bull, a selection of deli meats and cheeses at the sandwich bar, and all new snack options at checkout. We even have a personal pastry chef whose specialties include homemade cookies and chocolate croissants! There seems to be a general positive consensus regarding this dramatic culinary makeover, excluding the occasional minor complaint (“Where’d the Pop Tarts go?”). Some sophomores weigh in: “The cafeteria is really cool now and even though the lines are insane, it’s definitely worth it,” says Kristina Mensik. “The chocolate chip cookies are my fave,” adds Frankie Burik. “The new options of food really help students enjoy their experience in the cafeteria more,” chips in Meredith Glass. We’ll see if the new and improved food stands the test of time, but for now the message is clear: so far, so good.]]>