Humans of Latin

Anwar     “One time there was a group of four teenagers (or maybe like twenty year olds, I dunno), and there was a back and forth going between two of the boys. ‘Brian. BRIAAAN.’ ‘Nick you say that so weird that it doesn’t even feel like my name.’ ‘Oh my god are we there yet?’ ‘Not yet.’ ‘BRIANNN.’ ‘Next stop?’ ‘BRIANNNN.’ ‘I think so—’ ‘BRIANNNNNN.’ ‘Shut up Nick!’ And anyway, they were being generally loud. They were talking for a long time, and once they had to leave, a sleeping woman said ‘I’ll miss you Brian.’ The entire train car laughed because we all were following the Nick-Brian narrative.” – Simon Stephanos (10) Simon         “A penguin with a sombrero walked in and said, ‘¡Aye caramba!’ and he said that because there was a gigantic spider in his sombrero that was tickling his head, and he said that because it doesn’t feel nice when a spider tickles your head.” Sombrero  ]]>