Letter from the Editors: 2/16/15

From Brianna:  I want to just say thanks to my co-Editor-in-Chief, Frani, and the other two Editors-in-Chief, Michael and Will, and to the other editors, Chris, Bianca, Tanya, and Aidan, for putting so much work into making the Forum an excellent publication. They’ve all taught me so much about great writing, and I know I’ll miss them all next year. From Frani:  Whenever I come to the close of something, I always think of the Joan Didion quote, “It’s easy to see the beginnings of things and harder to see the ends.” I remember my beginning at The Forum—a movie review of Contagion that, thankfully, is buried deep in the archives—and, as an unusual exception to the Didion quote I love, I know this is the end. And, because of that, I have a chance to say thank you. Thank you to my co-editors, to Mr. Fript, to the writers I’ve worked with, to everyone who has ever read any of my pieces. The Forum was a real gift.]]>