Thank You, Mr. Windus


unnamed “Being in Mr. Windus’s freshman English class was one of the best experiences of my Latin career. He helped me not one to become a better writer, but a better person.” –Chris Maurice “On my first day of high school, Mr. Windus told me my shirt was not in dress code in front of my whole new grade. We always laughed about it for years after, and I told him he scared me for life. I’ll miss his smile dearly.” –Haley Hecktman “When I got into high school, I didn’t know too many teachers, but my brother kept telling me about the freshmen dean. When I eventually met Mr. Windus and got to know him, I was amazed by the candidness and care that he constantly showed, so much so that I couldn’t wait to introduce him to my younger brother in the hope that they could eventually foster the same relationship that me and my brother had with Mr. Windus. I just want to say thank you to Mr. Windus for making the high school a more welcoming place and always striving to make it better for others. I hope he knows how much it meant for my family and the whole school.” –Will Gomberg “In freshman year, I signed up for the Santa Fe project week because Mr. Windus wouldn’t stop talking about it during English class. I was the only freshman girl on the project week and didn’t really know anyone. We had to take a 24-hour train ride, and I was dreading it because I thought that I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to. At dinner, I was sitting with a senior girl and Mr. Windus because they seemed like the least intimidating people. They were chatting away because they had known each other for four years, but I was sitting there quietly, picking at my chicken. I then heard him laughing, and I looked up to see him laughing at me, because I was eating my food like a ‘weirdo.’ I couldn’t help but laugh, too, and we started talking about the worst foods we’ve ever eaten. We went on to eat a lot of weird food in Santa Fe, but I couldn’t be gladder it was with him.” –Kristen Heglin “During freshman year, I basically followed Mr. Windus around for an hour because I loved him so much, and he was so polite about everything. We had lunch together, and I ‘helped’ him grade essays, and he never once made me feel inferior.” –Bianca Stelian “After having him for a year in English 9 and having the privilege of being part of his first group of sophomore advisees, I knew Mr. Windus would be a very important part of my life at Latin. But considering one of the last things he said to me was ‘I wish you were my sister’ one day while joking around in advisory, I can say that he’s been much more than that to me; he’s become a part of my life that extends FAR beyond the halls of Latin. R.I.P. Windog. I know you would’ve loved the gluten free chocolate cake I made you.” –Sophia Lancaster “I always had a joke with Mr. Windus. It was ‘If I ever get kicked out of my house, you are taking me in.” –Chris Barboi *** Jeff Windus embodied the accepting community that Latin is and will continue to be. His kind heart and vibrant spirit will be sorely missed and forever remembered. Thank you, Mr. Windus, for being a great teacher, a great mentor, and, best of all, a great friend. If you have any stories of Mr. Windus that you’d like to share with the community, please comment below.]]>