Letter from the Editors: 11/1/14

And we’re back! Though we’d like to find a way to blame our delayed posting on the clocks being set back an hour, the truth is we made the decision to post November 2nd a while back. Worried that posting on a Saturday—and the Saturday after Halloween, no less—was an inopportune time, we chose to upload today instead.

The extended deadline did, however, mean that we had more time to put together this issue—an issue that is primarily about recognizing the incredible work of others. It’s about appreciating the faculty who will shadow students to get a better sense of student stress, the students from Goldberg-Gymnasium who performed “Murder Night” all in English, the Honors Politics class and their clever advertisements, the fact that we all managed to survive the end of first quarter. There’s a lot to be proud of in the Latin community, and we’re excited to share these accomplishments with you. Enjoy! Your editors, Frani and Brianna]]>