Java with Jess and Viry: Kristen Heglin

Jessica Mora and Viry Ayala The week started as it usually does: a search for our next interviewee. Lucky for us, the longtime swimmer and ever-fashionable Kristen Heglin granted us the pleasure of getting to know her better for this issue. Kristen is a kind soul and a team player, a trait that she definitely puts into practice in the swim team. She describes her experience swimming by explaining that when she is in the water, “the pressures of the day float away” (pun intended). In her perspective, everyone on the swim team “meshes well together,” most likely due to the number of siblings swimming this year. Swimming has become one of Kristen’s favorite activities at Latin and is a great way to spend time with her sister Mary, a freshman.

 Kristen also attests to the fact that so far it’s been a great start to the school year. When asked what her favorite part of junior year was, she immediately replied that “being an upperclassman is pretty cool” (indeed it is—junior lounges, anyone?). Two of the things Kristen is most looking forward to this year are college counseling and Harvard Model Congress.Though she was unsure of what awaited her at HMC last year, she now looks back at her time in Boston as a pleasurable one. She fondly remembers the “beautiful city” and “being in committees and passing bills.”

 Overall, Kristen is really enjoying the newfound perks of being a junior, especially getting to choose the majority of her classes. One of her favorites is Spanish with Ms. Dragonetti. Kristen tells of her adventures in learning Spanish by mentioning the challenges of the language, but pointing out that Ms. Dragonetti’s “love for Spanish helps [her] learn.” This learning experience definitely encourages her to keep improving her Spanish and work toward establishing fluency in the language.

 As our interview came to an end we asked Kristen a range of inventive questions.  If she had to choose between saving Stiles or becoming the co-alpha with Scott in Teen Wolf, she would take a picture of Stiles and proceed to become the coalpha. Kristen’s Netflix obsession is Scrubs (a modern version of F.R.I.E.N.D.S). If she could invent a crayon color she would name it “Catie’s laptop” (a shade of pink). Her favorite song is “Wolf Like Me” by T.V on The Radio (our new favorite song!). Her favorite Starbucks drink is hot chocolate (just in time for the winter). And finally, if she could steal one of her friends’ wardrobes she would take everyone’s Lululemon apparel because who doesn’t love their comfy leggings and tees?

 Though we’ve seen Kristen around the hallways for two years now, we both learned a lot about her through this interview. It just goes to show that you never know what you’ll find out about a person, unless you take the time to listen to the stories they have to tell.