Letter From the Editors: 10/15/14


We’ve hit the end of the first quarter. Freshmen finally feel settled in. Seniors are focused on leaving, with applications being filled out left and right and essays being polished. It’s October at Latin. And with the weather changing for the worse, we also know it’s October in Chicago. Seriously, a 39 degree day followed by a week of 65 degree weather? We guess that’s just part of the deal. So, whether the weather is bad or good, whether you’re just settled in or thinking about leaving, we can all sit down to something we enjoy: another edition of the Forum.

In this issue you can find articles about the Illinois Governor’s race, our generation of leaders, and a stunning letter written to an anonymous person. Hit those back arrows on your computer screen, go to the contents section, and get reading!

The Editors,

Michael Gross & Will Nuelle