Letter from the Editors 11/3/13

Did you miss us? If you were busily on your laptop on Friday night waiting for The Forum, we would like to extend our deepest apologies. We decided to post today because we assumed that would not be the case either Friday night or Saturday night.


As November 1 passes and seniors breathe a collective sigh of relief, we also begin to take a more critical look at ourselves. Is Miley Cyrus’s white appropriation of black culture okay, and what does that mean for us at Latin? Are we self-sufficient at Latin? Why did we laugh at Flamo in The Interrupters? Why are theater tickets free? Tanya Calvin, Alex Kaplan, Michael Gross, Affy Koungoulos, and other writers have asked these questions and more–and here’s where they’re trying to answer them.


But this is also where you can try to answer them. Start a discussion in the commentary, ask more questions, and hear other voices.


Your editors,

Hedy Gutfreund and Frani O’Toole]]>