The Street: Fashion at Latin

Samantha Fifield and Jacob Pharoah Columnists Junior Anna Stoeckel rocks the orange and blue with pride. We love how there’s a range of blues in this outfit, ranging from the denim blue of her Toms to the baby blue of the bow. In our opinion, the orange tank top pulls the whole thing together. This outfit is a simple but creative way to show school spirit.   Juniors Sydney Thomas, Taylor Ligenza, Carli Kovel and Tess Abbey pose for the camera, sporting their Latin windbreakers with pride. Every upper school student had the opportunity to get one of these for free, and we think they’re a totally fashion forward way to show some spirit. Who says you can’t show a little spirit and still look good? Junior Julian Mowatt sports the ubiquitous windbreaker, but he takes his spirit a bit further in this outfit. He accessorizes his look with a woven Latin knit hat (which is giving off a quite Scandinavian feel), and is also wearing the popular Latin sweatpants. Always one to be original, Julian ties spirit into his footwear with some orange and blue high tops (we love these!) Keep rocking that orange and blue, Mowatt! Freshman Alex Arkin steps it up for Spirit Day. We love how there’s a range of color in this outfit, giving the look a really quirky feel. However, the pattern is restricted to the shirt and tie, which was a good choice on Alex’s part (too many patterns could take away from the gentlemanly look he’s giving off). The loafers are totally working and are very in-style right now. Latin boys, we advise taking a note from Alex: Ditch the sneakers and get yourself a pair! Our favorite part of this outfit is the bowtie; the print is über chic, and we always love ourselves an oversized accessory! Junior Jake Schlossberg takes Pajama Day to a new level (and we’re loving it!) He sports a onesie with a matching toy (both of which are totally giving us Paul Frank vibes). A onesie is always a fun and hilarious way to approach Pajama Day, and we love how he went all out for Spirit Week! Juniors Rachel Blackman and Julian Mowatt (making his second appearance) pull out all the stops for Twin Day. They may not be the most physically similar twins, but we’ve got to hand it to them: these outfits are pretty similar. We loved how they chose one item, the beanie, to provide the contrast through opposing colors, a move we thought added character to their overall look. Seniors Alix Degraff and Frankie Burik strike a pose in their Twin Day ensemble. We’re dying over their velvet pants, and we liked how they coupled their pants with loose-fitting grey sweaters to keep the look casual but still fun. Work it! Juniors Blaike Young and Danielle Gray sport a very fashionable Twin Day look. The print on their shorts adds a statement to the simplicity of the rest of the outfit. We loved how they even coordinated accessories through matching, delicate necklaces. Seniors Josh Meister and Jack Mulopulos make their Street debut on Twin Day. They took their style pretty seriously, going as far to even take off their shoes because they didn’t match (that’s dedication!) We really like their subtly vintage sweaters, and although the pair kept it simple, we think they did a good job. Juniors Bridget Cato and Maya Wise get crazy for Twin Day! We liked how they incorporated some Latin pride into their look. The clashing patterns had a very ’70s feel and, in our opinion, totally worked! Junior Henry Pollock steps it up on Spirit Day, replacing the orange and blue with soccer team style. He opted for a blazer-less look, and totally pulls it off. The fitted shirt and navy blue tie compliment each other, and we love that Henry matched the brown leather of his loafers to his belt. All in all, a very well executed outfit! Seniors Kristen Garrett and Julianna Jarik look great on Twin Day, sporting oversized knitwear and cute leather boots. They kept it clean and without accessories, lending the look some casual simplicity. Freshman Lila Patinkin kills it on Spirit Day, rocking blue pants with an orange shirt and spicing up the look up with denim (the great thing about out school colors is that denim doesn’t clash). We’re totally obsessing over the shoes; the gold details give the whole look a really stylish feel!]]>