Dr. Bardoe, a Latin Legend

Brittany Kraff Staff Writer Dr. Bardoe is one of the most remarkable teachers at Latin. He is not only an inspiring teacher, but also a person who values long-lasting connections with all of his students.  A Latin alum said “he was a great calc teacher who not only made the classroom an exciting place to learn, but also allowed me to see math from a different perspective. This perspective allowed me to grasp and connect concepts rather than just solve individual problems.” Dr. Bardoe is a top-tier teacher. He makes learning a great and entertaining experience. He was even kind enough to sit down and answer some of our questions. Why did you decide to leave Latin and where are you going? I was thinking about trying boarding school for a variety of reasons. I really like to hang out with the students and the teachers. The idea of being in a school where we are together all the time sounds like a nice idea.  Some other reasons are my family’s lifestyle. Being in a boarding school means that you can live on campus and that gives some financial latitude to my family that we didn’t have before. Also, I am just looking for something new! I went online to see which schools had a math position opening and I had the option of many different schools, so it was a good year to apply. I chose Choate. I really, really like Latin, but new things are good too. What are some of your favorite memories of Latin? Scholastic Bowl is a very great memory and something that I will miss greatly. All of the bus rides with the kids were always such a great time. Some of this year’s seniors and I have been working together since 7th and 8th grade and have made many inside jokes throughout the years, including referring to my own children as the neighbors kids. Overall, just coming to work everyday with amazing people who I really like and have grown very close to. What year did you begin teaching at Latin and how has it changed throughout the years? I began teaching in 1995, but I was teaching in a K-8 school before that. The thing that is changing the most is the technology. It is a lot different then it was in the past. Now the answers to most math questions are on the computer–not only the answers but also the whole problem worked out step by step. Thinking about how to make what I’m teaching more meaningful, those are probably the biggest ways that things have changed. The students have always been the same. What is your favorite class that you have taught? I really have liked a lot of the classes that I have taught. My first class I taught here was honors Algebra two and that had a lot of great kids in it. When I taught the current seniors in 7th grade, that was also a great class. Teaching Finance in math has been a great challenging but has also been very rewarding. AP Stats has been fun, I’ve liked a lot of the classes and very few have been disappointing. Except when we were using the old schedule and I taught a Trig and Function class at the end of the day; that was not fun. What would you say is most unique about Latin? The student, the families and all of the opportunities that they have given to the school.  They are the ones who make this place completely different than anywhere else, and I think it truly is a wonderful place. What advice or Warning would you give to your successor? Getting to know the kids is the most important thing to do. It is important to challenge them and show them how you care for them. Show them how you want to make them better students and better people in general. How would you say that you have grown as a teacher or person because of Latin? I think I have spent a lot more time thinking about what is really important for students to learn and to try to focus on the big picture of what I am teaching instead of the “nitty griddy.” I’ve also learned a lot about how important it is to be involved in the school. Is there anything else that you would like to add? I think I would just like everyone at the school to keep challenging themselves to do more and more amazing things because there are so many opportunities at this amazing place to do cool things. I hope that people will keep stretching most of all. Dr. Bardoe will leave a great legacy at this school and will be greatly missed. The math department will be a very different place without him. We wish him the best on his new and exciting journey ahead.]]>