Overheard at Latin

Nina Burik and Lucy Mitchell Have you ever walked through the hallways of the Latin Upper school and overheard something particularly strange? Funny? Kind? Below is a collection of overheard quotes from the halls of our very own high school. Enjoy, and feel free to send your own overheard quotes to [email protected] and [email protected] for a chance to be included in the next issue!*in physics class* “Guys, can we suck the air out of the room, so that we can float?” *while watching the short film “Bullet in the Brain”* “Whoa, this reminds me a lot of Bullet in the Brain.” Student #1: “He looks like a french fry.” Student #2: “Yeah, that’s why I like him.” *sitting on the same side of the room* “Wait…my right or your right?”“Well, I guess I’m living under a hole!” “I was so mad at him so I went to slap him, but realized that was too aggressive and ended up stroking his face.”  Student 1: “I’m so dumb it hurts.” Student 2: *nods head sympathetically* “Me too. Me too.”“I didn’t get a sixty-five!” *laughs mockingly*  ]]>