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Deaths of Kobe and Gianna Bryant Shock the Latin Community

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The late basketball player truly supported all athletes, regardless of gender. “I think Kobe was one of the greatest. I believe this because he cared about sports in general. Men’s and women’s sports. He believed in a woman’s ability to be just as good as a man” says Junior Freddi Mitchell, a member of the girls basketball team.

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PiniPico Coffee Company to Replace Germania Place Starbucks

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Paige Hosbein, Media Editor The recent closure of the beloved 108 W Germania Place Starbucks met Romans with great despair and caffeine withdrawal. Those who cannot go a day without their chai tea latte fix, cappuccino pick-me-up, or blueberry muffin now venture to the Piper’s Alley Starbucks, a seven minute walk…

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The Colgate 13’s Visit Latin

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Charlie Williams, Staff Writer On January 17th, students shuffled into their usual seats in the auditorium and waited for their daily announcements, but instead of Communications Chair George Landsberg greeting them on stage, it was Mr. Kendrick, upper school statistics and economics teacher. Within a few moments, trailing behind him came…

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The Argument for Voting

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Jay Doherty, Staff Writer At Latin, there are many politically interested students who have a variety of different motives when it comes to discussion around public affairs. While many freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are politically informed, few of them actually have the opportunity to exert direct influence over the polls in…

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