Letters From the Class of 2020: Emily Breitenecker

Letters From the Class of 2020: Emily Breitenecker

The phrase for the class of 2020 should be the Class of Resilience. Whether it’s mother nature or absence of tradition, we have had quite a few curve balls thrown our way, yet with each wonky pitch, we keep on swinging. Wow, baseball analogy from a girl who barely knows the sport, dangggg. 

The year 2020, with its sleek consecutive numbers, is something I have anticipated since I first took my photo in front of 1531 N. Dearborn. I placed the year 2020 on a pedestal, and I mean that literally, my felt 2020 patch I received in my sports award folder sits high amongst miscellaneous trophies. The year 2020 is part of my identity; it is printed on all my report cards, I repped it on my Lakeshore Lacrosse jersey. It is what unites me with the students who have been my family for the past 14 years at Latin. To say the least, I had high expectations for a remarkable year, and I have to say, a remarkable year it has been, in ways I couldn’t imagine. 

Rushing to make it by 7:45 am, I had to urge my sister to hurry up as I hastily placed the rest of my new books into my now tattered – had it since freshman year – North Face backpack. I looked at my phone and sighed with relief as the screen read 7:30 am. Heading down Clark, our car vibrated with the squeals of Bohemian Rhapsody. I glanced up at the Hancock engulfed by low hanging clouds. A misty gray sky framed our red brick school. We were scheduled to take our senior photos at 7:45 am, but the little droplets that formed on the windshield foreshadowed the change of tradition of taking our pictures outside. It’s ok; the bridge provided great lighting. Maybe, bridge photos will be the new normal. 

Senior year Convocation is something I have awaited since I was a JKer. It is the only school-wide event we have. As a lower schooler, I loved seeing the seniors looking so mature, accomplished, and put together. Sitting across from them, I felt as if I was peering into my future potential. Their energy was infectious. I wanted to feel that same pride they felt for having matriculated through Latin. Understandably, we can no longer go to Moody, but I have to say it, did we even have Convocation this year?  

Although our accomplishments weren’t acknowledged at a formal convocation, I still witness the incredible achievements my classmates and I have contributed to Latin. For instance, Maya Passman and Jordan Rice, with their fantastic – just need to hear the script – student-run play. Kendall Pollard’s Uptown Moves program. Lily Marks and Taylor Pulver’s Uptown Laughs program. The many outstanding artists who worked hard to produce the Senior Art Shows. Our senior captains, fearlessly leading our sports teams. Special shoutout to my Field Hockey Caps, Avery Selz and Caroline Cummins, and my inspiring lax CO-Caps, Abby Maechling and Charlotte Ryan. This list scrapes the surface of all the outstanding ways the class of 2020 leaves their legacy at Latin. 

With an already distorted senior year, the ultimate insult to injury is Coronavirus. COVID-19 you threw a VERY filthy curveball, and although I thought we might admit defeat, we haven’t. On the contrary, the Advanced Improv troupe and I somehow pulled off a show on Zoom. Recently, LAW had one of our best meetings (shoutout to LAW founder Lauren Besser), and I continue to stay connected with my lax team each week. It is far from what my senior year could have been, but I am still swinging, and if I know my classmates, they are too because we are a class that has Resilience. 

Emily Breitenecker