Project Week 2018: A Photo Essay


Jessica Flohr Project Week is arguably the best week of school, and this year teachers led thirty-seven fantastic projects. The sixteen In-Town Projects featured Chicago through technology, food, art, culture and design. There were also twenty-one Out-of-Town Projects that gave students the opportunity to explore new places and experience other cultures, both in the United States and internationally. Here are some photos and highlights from a few of the amazing trips this year: The Literature and Land of John Steinbeck      I was fortunate enough to go on the trip to Monterey, California. Hiking, biking (17 miles), kayaking, and, of course, reading Steinbeck’s Cannery Row while on Cannery Row were just some of the highlights. Although it rained a lot (and I mean a lot), one of my favorite moments was when we were hiking and the trees cleared to reveal the beautiful rainbow in the picture above. Also, I got to hold a jellyfish! Chile: Place, Memory, and Identity   On the trip to Chile, sixteen lucky students got to explore the country’s food, art, history, and even wildlife. “Everything we did was amazing, but my favorite would have to be going to an island in Patagonia and seeing penguins,” sophomore Isabel Coberly explained. If I had been on this trip, I think the penguins would have been my favorite part too – they are so cute! Soft Computing: Wearables and Reactive Fashion Students on this in town Project Week learned circuitry, programing, design, and sewing to create their own wearable tech. Sophomore Rasaan Nance said that his favorite part about this Project Week was having the ability to experiment and make practically anything. Above is an awesome light up sweater created by Amy Lee and Lily Le! Hurricane Harvey Relief   One incredible Project Week trip was to Houston, Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey relief. Those on the trip were able to see the impact of their work first hand. As sophomore Nora Deeney said, “one of the most memorable aspects of the trip to Houston was seeing the difference we made on the house over the week. When we came in, there was barely any drywall, and when we left we had almost covered the entire house!” Art and Anatomy   Have you ever heard someone say, “everyone can be an artist”? Well, even I can draw stick figures standing, sitting, or walking. Amazing, right?! But what really is amazing is the artwork from the Art and Anatomy project. Junior Julian Lee-Zacheis stated that his favorite part of the project was “getting to spend a lot of continuous time on our work,” as well as making art with awesome people. Vietnam: Art, Culture, Perspective Freshman, Nicole Lucas travelled to Vietnam and said that her “favorite part of the trip was going to Hoi An because the town was the best place to take in the culture of Vietnam.” While there, students made their own lanterns. Lantern making was a highlight for Nicole as she “was able to spend time connecting with the locals who lived in the town.” The students on the trip also ate delicious pho and took a bike tour of Duong Lam Village, all while enjoying sunny skies with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. I am already excited about Project Week 2019, especially if the projects are as awesome as these!]]>