Letter From the Editors: 5/25/16

Although the June 1st issue is right around the corner, the FORUM editorial board decided to come out with a special edition to highlight some pressing issues around the school, that we as a community, need to address. As the world around us changes, we too must learn to adapt and improve, to figure out ways in which our community can become even more cohesive. How do we create a more diverse environment?  How do we weave in the practices and history of different cultures into our school? In what ways should we value and uphold the Latin tradition? In what ways should we restructure and create a new Latin school? These are important questions that deserve to be discussed, and our writers have worked hard to give their take. In order to make our school better, we, as a community, need to be involved in the conversation, and need to work together to find an answer. Not to be overlooked, this issue also has some lighter articles, such as the routine, but no less important. Please input your thoughts in the comments section so we can begin to tackle the controversies that are chipping at the integrity of our community. Happy Reading, The FORUM Editorial Board  ]]>