Freshmen on Varsity Sports Teams


DSC_0908 Talia Smith takes a shot on goal in the varsity girls’ field hockey’s homecoming game against St. Ignatius.  This year’s freshman class has taken the upper school athletics world by storm: the class of 2019 has students on varsity teams for all fall sports. With the fall season coming to a close, the Forum was curious to know what it is really like to be a freshman on a varsity team. Talia Smith, for example, is a forward on the varsity field hockey team and has claimed goals against teams such as Deerfield. After being chosen as one of the five members of the varsity team to shoot during the shootout at Parker’s Homecoming game, Talia explains her experience on the varsity field hockey team. “It’s been a lot of fun to be able to play on a team with so many really good players. Being new this year, I really appreciated how some of the juniors and seniors have taken me under their wing and have made me feel welcome,” she said. But girls’ field hockey is certainly not the only team with talented freshmen. Jonah Schenk, a midfielder on the varsity soccer team, is also new to Latin this year and was able to claim a spot on the varsity soccer team. Jonah, similar to Talia, is the only freshman on his team and has had an incredible season so far, with goals against teams such as Northside and Timothy Christian. “Some of the things I’ve learned while being on the varsity soccer team are that it’s critical to earn the respect of your teammates, to know your place, and to respect the tradition of the team that’s been around longer than you have,” said Jonah when asked what it is like being on a varsity sport. “In terms of a learning experience in an ‘in-game situation’, I’ve learned what’s it’s like to play with people that are often bigger and stronger than me. At first it was hard to adjust to this, though as the season has gone on I’ve become more and more comfortable. Overall, it’s been an awesome experience and I’m not ready for season to be over so soon.” But unlike Jonah and Talia, who both came to Latin this year, Charlotte Cronister has been involved in athletics at Latin since 6th grade, and it is no surprise that she is the starting Libero on the varsity girls’ volleyball team. When asked what her experience has been like being one of the four freshman on the varsity volleyball team, she had a lot to say. “Playing on varsity as a freshman has been super exciting and a great challenge for me. One of the things that has made this season even more special is that I am playing on the same team as my sister, Catie. Since she is a senior, it has been very special to be able to play with her before she graduates.” If you can’t find a reason to attend the final sporting events of the fall season, go out to support our talented freshmen athletes.  ]]>