Is The War Over?

Staff Writers The Class of 2013 has had it rough for a while. First, we were left with no couch in the senior lounge due to “unhealthy sanitation”. Then, the senior retreat lost its exclusivity (cough cough juniors). But, now we have just reached the tip of the iceberg. The seniors received an formal email saying that the lounge would be closed until further notice because of how messy the lounge had become due to a chocolate Eiffel Tower complex. Our issue was no longer that we sat on beanbags, but now sat on the cold barren carpet, perhaps even less sanitary than the old couches. From the beginning, it seems like the Class of 2013 has gotten the short end of the stick. But last Wednesday there was a breakthrough: Grade apparel day/Class Color Day. Usually the Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors compete for the best saying on a shirt, crew neck, or even sweatpants.  This year the tables turned. The freshmen had a bright orange sweatbands that said “You gotta be fresh”, the Sophomores class color was red, the Juniors class color was blue and the Seniors had the traditional crewneck that read S3N1OR2 on the front and spelled out 2013 on the back. Needless to say, many people were confused as to why not all four grades got personalized apparel. One sophomore said, “I wanted some sort of apparel but I didn’t care enough to make a big deal about it”. Though this passerby may seem nonchalant, it seems almost unfair that the students didn’t get the chance to bond as a uniform grade over something as simple as a shirt. For once, the class of 2013 pulled through, rising to the occasion to wear our proud navy sweaters. Perhaps our lives may be taking a turn for the better. For now though, we curl up in our beanbags with the last of our dignity hoping for a better future.]]>