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A State of Limbo

Sophie Lancaster  

In honor of my recent viewing of Inception, I would compare this past week of school to a state of limbo. If you don’t know what this is, I recommend you watch the movie. In sake of continuing my article I would describe it as being so far lost in a dream that you begin to mistake it with reality.

That may be a bit of a stretch, but in some ways it makes sense. I know that with third quarter ending on Thursday the 6th and then commencing the fourth quarter before going on a three week hiatus, I felt very lost this week.

I felt that many of my teachers had wrapped up third quarter and felt apprehensive about even beginning new material knowing it would have to be retaught when we return on April 7th.  Despite minor assessments and small assignments, this week had close to no importance in my mind.

On Monday at 8 A.M., I am openly admitting to “checking out” on the week ahead. All I could think of was the mainly irrelevant work I had to complete and my anxiety regarding Friday night at 5, when grades would come out(even though they were about an hour late this year, but that’s another story).

It is not so much that I was dying to get out of school, but I felt that this fourth quarter week contained no substance and had no tests or quizzes that would come back to bite me in April and May.

Now, I am not saying I didn’t enjoy myself. I had some of my best class discussions because our time was so unrestrained and I learned some new words in Spanish class during Scrabble. It was also fairly relaxing knowing that we were beginning on a clean slate with the ending of third quarter.

Despite all of this, I am curious to know why this decision was made in the schedule(probably should’ve asked Mr. Dunn but I was feeling pretty lazy this week). Although teachers wouldn’t typically find this week beneficial, I don’t think they were definitely taking a breather also.

Reflecting on it now that it has ended, it’s almost funny. We students acknowledged that we probably weren’t going to be putting in that much effort and although this was never communicated to our teachers, they totally got the vibe and were willing to burn the time.

Whatever this week meant to you, it is being followed by such a great learning opportunity so I hope that everyone has a safe and happy project week. See you all in April (when we know there definitely won’t be a minute wasted.)]]>

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