Trick or Treat? Romans Choose Treats


Trick or treat? It is hard to find someone who will not answer with treats. However, the real question is which treat? It’s Halloween time and that means it’s time to start thinking about candy.

This is the one time during the year where eating and hoarding tons of candy in big bags and pillowcases is acceptable. In the Halloween spirit, a few Romans shared their favorite candies and why they are looking forward to celebrating Halloween.

Freshman Sammy Episcope said, “With my Halloween candy, I eat some of it but end up saving a lot of it, eating it occasionally. It usually lasts me for about one to two months, at which point my mom usually throws it out.”

Twix is a fan favorite, but the question is, Right or Left Twix? Freshman Juliette Katz said, “Left Twix is better because there is more caramel. The ratio of chocolate to cookie to caramel is perfect.”

Other students said that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are their clear favorite. Freshman Cristiano Tricoci said, “I like them because I love peanut butter and chocolate, and it’s so good together.”

Celebrating the spooky holiday is just as important to Cristiano as the candy. “I’m just excited to hang out with my friends and get candy on Halloween night,” Cristiano said.

Another well-liked candy is the Milky Way. Freshman Miles Daly said, “The caramel and nougat combination is really good.” Miles, like other students, is excited to socialize and make memories on Halloween. “Ever since I was a kid, I have celebrated Halloween. I would trick or treat with friends and family—what a great time it was!”

Not only do people crave chocolate on Halloween; there’s a lot of support in Latin for fruity candies as well. Junior Cameron Woan said, “Banana laffy taffys are uniquely brilliant because they blend fruity flavors and chewy texture in a remarkably efficient rectangle.”

Freshman Fowowe Onigbanjo said, “My favorite Halloween candy is Sour Patch Kids because they blend sweet and sour perfectly and the flavor is remarkable.”

Freshman Karim Patterson even has a favorite flavor within the sour patch family. “I like watermelon sour patch kids because they are tasty and melt in my mouth,” he said.

Candy is one of the main staples on Halloween, and sometimes it can be a little too much. Freshman Kaden Uddin said, “Swedish Fish are the best candy by far because they’re sweet and small, so it feels that ur not eating a lot of candy.”

Freshman McKenzie Goltermann recalls a candy-related memory from Halloween. “My earliest memory of Halloween is dressing up like a princess and going trick-or-treating in my neighborhood with both of my parents. This is important to me because it brought my family together through such a happy memory. Eating the delicious Twix brings me back to all the great memories I made with friends and family. The candy is not just a candy, it’s a symbol of great times and memories.”

Upper School Director Kristine Von Ogden said her favorite candy flavor is caramel. She said, “ I’d take caramel over chocolate any day, so my favorite Halloween candy bar is Payday. I love welcoming kids at the door for trick or treating—that is the best part of the day! I used to trick or treat for hours on end, and now I get to pass out the candy and see how excited the kids are—just like I was!”

Ninth and Tenth Grade Dean Bridget Hennessy added, “I love candy corn because I like to root for the underdog!”