Letter from the Editors

The Forum is no different. Ranging from articles about hatred for Zooey Deschanel’s “awkwardness,” the existence of discrimination, and the demise of “Senior-itis” to articles reflecting the collective voice of the student body (literally, in the case of The Forum‘s homage to Time Out Chicago), this edition aspires to capture the cacophony of the classroom while still encapsulating those quiet opinions rarely voiced aloud. We hope you choose to listen!


Your acting Editors-in-Chief, Rachel and Tina

  • Progress—Jake Schlossberg
  • NATO Brings Madeleine Albright and Mayhem—Hedy Gutfreund
  • Change Is Here—Tina Czaplinska
  • Reasons I’m Not Going to Tell You Where I Want to Go to College—Rachel Stone
  • An A.W.E.S.O.M.E Experience—Sam Cohen & Mehr Singh
  • The Demise of Senioritis—Jared Levin
  • ECCO: A Love Story—Charlotte Collins & Erika Marcinek
  • Rejecting Unconscious Discrimination—Alex Kling
  • When Socially Awkward Stops Being Endearing: The Zooey Deschanel Complex (Or: Why I Hate Zooey Deschanel)—Anthea Fisher
  • Hole Thoughts—Kaya Romeo
  • The First Annual Old Town Eating Awards –Francesca Burik & Gavin Hilder
  • Heard At Latin –Amy Balmuth & Grace Brandt
  • The Internet Ate My Homework—Margie Muller
  • Street Style –Annie Schwab
  • The Men’s Alliance Impact – Gabriel Cervino