The Cause and Photo Club Team up in Recognition of NOH8 Campaign

Tina Czaplinska Staff Writer On November 19, 2010 The Cause, formally known as the GSA, is having a photo-shoot in recognition of the NOH8 campaign. The photo-shoot is an all day event, lasting from 8:00 in the morning until 3:20. The Cause is teaming up with Photo-Club, so Latin’s finest photographers will be manning the stations during all blocks. Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley created the NOH8 campaign, which was originally inspired by Prop. 8. And while they continue to get submissions of photos and even shots from celebrities, the Latin School of Chicago has decided to support the campaign, but with a new spin. The Cause’s photo-shoot directly applies to its acronym- creating an understanding and safe environment. Hoping to get the support of students and facility alike, The Cause wishes to generate enough photos to make a mural proving that there is no room for hate in this school. So strike a pose! Get a shot by yourself, with your friends, favored facility member, a prop! Wear white! Don’t hate, participate!]]>