Chantal Baros Exhibit Up In Gallery Two

Mehr Singh Co-Sports Editor As Ms. Ross announced in assembly a couple of days ago, a new exhibit by artist Chantal Baros is now up in gallery two. Chantal Baros is the sister of Diana Baros, a Latin alumni who was also very interested in art. Ms. Ross explained, “ I knew Diana because of her interest in art while at Latin, and she introduced me to her sister Chantal. I was impressed with how Chantal’s work has evolved and therefore asked her to exhibit her work at Latin. “ Chantal Baros is an artist from Chicago whose works primarily focus on people and their connection to the world. In gallery two, Ms. Baros has displayed three of her series. The first series is based on childhood fairytales and people she has observed. If you look closely at the first three paintings (on the wall closest to the landing) you will see symbols from “Chicken Little”, “ The Princess and the Pea”, and “ The Gingerbread Man.” “ I believe, for example, her painting on Chicken Little was influenced by her observation of a man in Millennium Park who was looking up for quite a while,” Ms. Ross said. On the long wall in gallery two is her series about man and nature and her interpretation of the relationship between them. The paintings in these series also include her interpretations of seasons. For instance, if you look at the paintings in these series, you will notice a difference in color schemes based on the expression of the people’s faces in the paintings. The last series showcased (on the wall by the stairs) are part of her children series. In this series Ms. Baros used photographs of various children as her inspiration. The overall exhibit seems to have caught the attention and admiration of many students. As sophomore Maggie Nemoy said, “ I think this is one of the best exhibits we’ve had!” Besides the paintings displayed in gallery two, Chantal Baros is starting a new series on women of the bible with a spin of today’s contemporary society. Another interesting fact about Ms. Baros that I learned from Ms. Ross is that she also paints murals and custom painted shoes. Be sure to check out Chantal Baros’s exhibit up in gallery two, as well as the upcoming exhibit of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera to celebrate Latino Heritage Month! Upcoming event for students interested in art: Around January, there will be an exhibit to celebrate the math league contest. The exhibit will consist of pieces, which are influenced by math and art. M. C. Escher’s work will be exhibited as well as work created by students. Students’ work should be on the topic of the correlation between math and art, or inspired by M. C. Escher. If you would like to participate start thinking of ideas for pieces now! ]]>