Latin Cross Country Takes Both Girls and Boys Titles at U of C

Ethan Lee Co-Sports Editor Teams have seldom recovered from the loss of a star. After Michael Jordan left the Chicago Bulls, the Bulls concluded their dynasty of title of the leagues best. The Los Angeles Lakers lost their magic and enticing game when Shaq left them in 2004. It took the Bulls five years to rebuild a suitable team. It took the Lakers three. Julia Buford, the undisputed best runner to ever come through Latin, is now a freshman running for Northwestern University. After four consecutive State appearances and astonishing accomplishments in both Cross Country and Track, success for the Latin Roman Girls Julia-less team seemed unlikely. Like in the professional leagues, even the best teams have not had success the following year after losing their superstar. However, on Tuesday September 21, 2010 the Latin Roman Girls team made history. Never have the Roman Girls Cross Country team won the University of Chicago 3-mile race. Doubts and uncertainty plagued even the coaches minds, “I was surprised and proud. (The Girls) listened and achieved that elusive award,” Coach Daly said. Junior Lizzie Guynn believes the same, “I am really proud of the girls for sticking together and running as a pack. We totally dominated.” The boys also won the race with junior Ethan Lee placing at 5th, senior Nick Stender at 7th, junior Britt Henderson at 8th, an ill junior Tom Cox at 10th and senior David Carlson at 11th. Britt Henderson summed up the race, “I ran really well…actually we all did.” Igniting new hopes and opening new doors, the Latin Roman Girls team will continue to push the team farther than previous years. Even without a superstar, the girl’s team will undoubtedly be just as exciting to watch and encourage. The boys, who have been the focus of the Cross Country team for many years, will be happy to share the limelight.]]>