New School Policy Gives Students Leniency With Their Cell Phones

Lindsey Bell Co-Features Editor [caption id="attachment_743" align="alignnone" width="442" caption="Seniors Adrian Chiem and Sarah Kaminski take advantage of the Latin's new cell phone policies (photo credit: Rahim Karimi)."][/caption] In addition to many of the other new school rules and policies, Latin students are now free to use their mobile devices during school hours. For those who leave their essay on the printer, their sports uniform in the wash, or their “bagpack” at home, this rule is revolutionary. However, this new luxury was not designed solely for the forgetful, but also for the technologically savvy. It is now possible to not only send texts, but also check email, calendar updates, announcements, keep notes, sports practices, and for fellow iPhone users, you can even bookmark your block schedule on your home screen. The possibilities are endless. However, as with any privilege, there are several caveats. The first is that the diction of the rule implies that mobile devices can only be used in “common school areas as designated by the administration”. This includes the hallways, cafeteria, Gallery 2, and the lobbies, but this explicitly omits classrooms, labs, studios, or Wrigley Theatre. The second is that making phone calls is still not allowed, unless the phone call is made (and remains) in the Upper School Office. It’s important to note that teachers still reserve the right to confiscate the mobile device and bring it to the respective dean if it is being used inappropriately. But what does this say about our student body? Why is it that we as educated, well rounded students of the Latin School of Chicago can not even part ways with our mobile devices for 7 hours? Have we really become a community that is so dependent on technology? If so, is this a good thing or a bad thing? I think it is clear that yes, as society progresses and technology advances, our school has the means and resources to keep up with advancing technology and because we are an educated, well rounded group of students, it is our obligation to do so as well. If the rest of the world is increasingly more dependent on technology, it is necessary to be able to use electronics in the most effective and efficient way, rather than to get left behind with antiquated resources. The fact that we can not even part with our mobile devices for 7 hours proves that we are community that values progress- and isn’t that what progressive education is all about?]]>