Latin's Search For A New Head Of School

Tina Czaplinska Staff Writer Latin is currently in the process of searching for a new head. And even though the “search is in its infancy,” according to Dean Hogan, students should still be in the know about what is going on with their school. When choosing new headmasters or CEOs, schools/companies hire search firms. Latin’s search firm is called Russell Reynolds Associates (RRA). Firms, like RRA, send their specialists to “touch base with multiple factors in our school to get a sense of what is most important in the student/facility perspective, gathering as much input to help them better sense the right match for the school,” says Hogan. The firm acts as a matchmaker. RRA then sends a group of candidates along with resumes and references to Latin. The Board of Trustees then interviews a batch of these possible choices. This process breaks down the list into semifinalists, finalists, and then finally the potential candidates. And even though the Board is basically the only group of people who have the deciding vote, students and faculty can become involved. Dean Hogan claims “opinion matters so we can provide students a leadership that impacts the quality of education and student life. Consultants from RRA met with students and faculty asking them ‘what are you looking for,’ hoping to match Latin with someone who meets the needs of this community. Mehr Singh, a current freshman, attended the lunch and thought, “The meeting was beneficial because we were able to tell people what we wanted in a new head of the school and what problems we wanted the head to address, the main one being lack of communication between students and administration.” The new head of the school can only address these and other issues if opinions are voiced. Dean Hogan asks us to “be responsible with our advocacy.”]]>