Welcome to After-Prom! Your Parents Approve.

Co-Editor in Chief
It’s three in the morning and at this point you feel too drunk to do anything. Heels…heels…where are my heels? You stumble around, avoiding all the couples deeply engrossed in making out as if there is no tomorrow. You know that there are going to be some scandalous pictures on Facebook and a ton of juicy rumors the next day when everyone is hungover. Why did I drink so much? Did I really hook up with him? Oh, God, gross…
After wandering around for a while you manage to find your heels and as you bend down to put them back on, you start to feel sick. Quickly, you try to find the nearest bathroom, but unfortunately it is being occupied. You knock on the door and you hear weird noises from inside, so you decide to back away and find somewhere else. Outside. I have to get outside. Too bad your stomach can’t wait that long. It gives a disgusting lurch and you throw up on the kitchen floor. As the smell of vomit enters your nose, your stomach gives another heave. You find a napkin and clean yourself up.
Welcome to after-prom. Prom is supposed to be that glamorous night where you dance to your heart’s content, feel like a movie star, and have an incredible time that you remember for the rest of your life. What people forget to mention is the real part of the night: after-prom.
Every year, it is the same general routine: kids leave prom, they change from their pretty clothes, and go to some poor person’s house, or hotel room.
Some kids with fake IDs pick up liquor from your everyday stores like Seven Eleven, or White Hen, and they drink well into the early morning. According to an anonymous source, they believe that about 50% of the kids get “really drunk”, 30% get “kinda drunk”, and the rest seem to be “holdin’ up okay.”
The really funny thing is that most of the kids’ parents know what’s going on. According to an anonymous source, “80% of the parents are okay with their kids drinking because they know it’s going to happen. They assume that their kids are going to come back home safely.” Keyword: ASSUME. We go to a school where the administration tries so hard to try to deter kids from drinking. Many parents even try to work with the administration to find ways to make Latin a drug-and-alcohol free community. But, what’s the point if a lot of parents are still fine with their kids partying with alcohol after a huge school event, like prom? The school administration might as well give up.
In an email to the parents before prom, Mr. Graf wrote, “The most influential person in your child’s decision-making around alcohol or drugs is you. Please do your best to have a conversation with your child about your expectations before Saturday night [prom].”
Too bad many parents just “assume” their children will end up being okay after drinking until 3:00 AM, and too bad that many other parents end up volunteering to pay for the one-night-only hotel rooms.
If parents are the most influential people in teenagers’ lives, then does that mean Latin is doomed to forever be a community where every time we complete a survey, our drug and alcohol usage exceeds the normal national average?
A note to the administration: your efforts are futile. Maybe it is time to address the parents as much as the students.