Polo Pride

  Why would you ever play that? Morning practices, conditioning, long tournaments, being pushed underwater, it sounds like a nightmare. However, what most people don’t understand about girls water polo is that even with all the sprinting, workouts and tiring schedule, we still have fun and love the game we play.  There is something incredible about girls water polo players, in that we all complain about how hard it is but still come to practice every day and play the game. When asked why she plays the game, sophomore Zara Khan said, “The hard work is rewarding, in games you can really see the workouts and sprints we do in practice paying off.” She’s right. The work we do in practice is not just busy work. The drills make us stronger, faster and ready to face any situation our next game throws at us. Games can seem like a whole new world compared to practice. A water polo player’s first game always comes with a funny story. Whether they used two hands, were stuck with a tough player, or just couldn’t keep up with the play, the first game is always memorable. However, no matter the confusion, players always come back for more. Games are the ultimate learning experiences. Players encounter scenarios that are difficult to simulate in practice. A player learns how to adapt to their opponent, and use the adrenaline of the situation to make aggressive moves and quick plays. All of our players are kind and gentle, but come to the pool and a spectator will see girls become belligerent, they would do anything to get the ball. The consequences of the aggressive gameplay come with pride. Water polo players flaunt scratches and bruises and are respected by their fellow players for their tenacity. The friendships and community fostered by playing water polo are unforgettable. No one understands the life of water polo player better than coaches and teammates. Our team this year is amazing to watch. Led by seniors Kate Guynn, Lexi Bolandhemat and Charlotte Rosenberg, with new and returning juniors and sophomores and an amazing group of freshman, the team has an entirely new and exciting energy. Our next home game is Wednesday, April 15th, so come out and support the Latin Girls Water Polo team. Go Romans!]]>