Be Mine, Valentine

Ella Katz Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 7.51.38 PM Valentines day, otherwise known as the much dreaded day where anyone who is single is made aware (I mean really, really aware) of just how great it is to be in a relationship. Or, in other words, a day that all couples love and revere and everyone else despises with a vengeance (unless of course they own stock in a chocolate company). Whether it is the symbolic red rose, the silly chocolates shaped like hearts filled with expensive but vile fillings, or the romantic dinners with champagne (non-alcoholic of course) and heart shaped desserts, it is every couples’ relationship goal to make it to Valentines Day. In the world of dating, making it to Valentines Day is like turning in your last visual arts project for Global Cities (not that I would know how good that feels just yet — but a girl can dream).  It is the one day where you can celebrate your relationship like a love sick puppy who fell into a bowl of pink and red chocolate (but wait dogs are allergic to chocolate and could die  . . . bad example…) while your single friends are facing the daunting task of deciding between Chipotle and Chipotle.  Alden Sulger ‘17 refers to it as, “A day only people that are dating enjoy.” Alden speaks on behalf of many single students at Latin and in Chicago who com from the same point of view. Or, for you single peeps out there, the day where you can tell your friends how many boxes of chocolates you ate.  Chocolates, of course, you bought for yourself (at least you got the kind you liked). Valentines Day wasn’t always so complex, as I can clearly remember when I was in the third grade, everyone loved Valentines Day. The valentines and lollipops you would give to your classmates, and the vibrant pink sweater and large red bow I wore year after year were all eagerly anticipated. Back then, it was a day consisting of pink and red apparel, followed by expensive trips to the dentist. Now, my friends and I like to eat really good food (our valentine) and have a Zac Efron and Dave Franco marathon on Netflix (what could be better than spending Valentines Day with either of them!). Some may say the day is rather overrated and stupid. Others may say it is the most romantic and wonderful day of the year. Richie Parillo ‘18 says, “I’m going to spend Valentine’s Day with my true love… Netflix and Pringles.”  Netflix and Pringles?? The only way it could get better for Richie was if Kate Upton was watching Netflix with him while serving the Pringles (keep dreaming Richie). Don’t worry guys, she isn’t doing that (as far as I know). The real question is: what are some alternative better names for a day that is so polarizing to remind us single people that it isn’t all that bad to not be part of a couple.  How about: I won’t be broke on February 15th day, or Eat all the chocolates you want day, or Love yourself day, or Not contributing to the 18.9 billion dollars spent in one day day. Overall, whether you are single or in a Hollywood caliber relationship, the day will be great. If you’re single— eat everything you can, do what makes you appreciate and love yourself, and be grateful you aren’t going to be broke on February 15th and that you don’t have to wear red (who doesn’t hate red!) If you happen to be in a  relationship, enjoy your lovey dovey day just don’t show too much pda. Yes, you know who you are.  ]]>