The Business Club: Leading the Latin Community In A New Direction

Chris Maurice Staff Writer Last week, Latin got word of a new club: the Business Club. Co-heads Nick Rose and Steven Schwartz captivated plenty in the Latin community with their new idea, but also left many with questions. The idea of the Business Club began when Nick Rose and Steven Schwartz were discussing a plan for a clothing endeavor—which is relativity secret for the moment. Both felt it was a rather logical idea to have a business club at Latin, home to many future businessmen and women. Nick and Steven feel as if they were “filling a void in the Latin community.” So they set off with the goal of  “educating the student body about what it takes to run a business and how to go about it.” During Clubs block, they will be discussing what the best strategies are when creating a company, along with reviewing margins, profit, and market concepts that work and fail. The club also will be running seminars, competitions, and activities that focus on marketing and leadership. There is also the chance that the club will be hosting a speaker sometime in the future. Steven added that he is “extremely skilled in the marketing and technology world, and Nick is beyond talented in the world of finance and parts of a company, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to do this together.” Steven and Nick have created a solid foundation for the future of this club, and both are excited to see where this club leads them and the Latin community.  ]]>