Filmmaking at Latin

Noa Rosenberg These days, it seems like film is gaining prominence at Latin: in running a project week entitled ‘Filmmaking’ and hosting the Chicagoland High School Film Festival for another year, Latin encourages the art of film everywhere. Joining in on the trend is Ms. Ross, who is bringing back her Digital Film Production course as a mostly online, blended-learning I.S.P. The original class was offered after students working on the (now nonexistent) video yearbook were eager to branch out and explore other methods of filmmaking. Not so long after that, Latin students created ‘Zwinglifest’ or, as it is known now, the Chicagoland High School Film Festival. This fall, Digital Film Production did not run, and when Ms. Ross tried to generate interest for a course in the spring, she found that none of those who wanted to take the class had mutual frees. Coincidentally, Ms. Ross had just taken two professional development courses on curriculum curation from the Global Online Academy, which inspired her to make Digital Film Production an online, blended-learning course. She says that this also made sense to her since, when it had been run in the past, the students spent most of their class time editing their projects on computers, so it seemed logical to move the entire curriculum to an online platform. When asked about her goals for the course, Ms. Ross quickly stated that she wants students to fall in love with film and filmmaking but beyond that, to see the lifelong application for the skills learned in the class. She also hopes that those in the class will submit their work to various film festivals including the Chicagoland High School Film Festival. Ms. Ross does not want involvement in the I.S.P. to stop with those enrolled, however. She wants others to delight in seeing the films at screenings for films made in the class, and she invites everyone to the film festival on Friday, May 15th.  ]]>