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Inside the Deans' Offices: Not Just Discipline and Drama

Patrick Jamal Elliott

Staff Writer

At most high schools the dean’s office is not the ideal place for students to hang out.

However, at Latin, specifically, the deans’ offices are home to many students during lunch, free blocks, and even passing periods. All four deans in Latin’s upper school are always there for us.


The dean for the seniors is Mr. Baer. One of the hardest positions in Latin has to be facilitating over a group of 18 year olds who are 9 months away from graduating. Somehow Mr. Baer does it without complaining. He has been with this class since 2011, and has watched them grow and mature. The seniors know they can rely and talk to him. As a Latin alumus, Baer knows the challenges that the high school students face. This gives him the opportunity to warn the seniors of any unexpected twists and turns that may come their way in life.


“Mr. Baer is a really great people person who is really easy to talk too. He’s also very understanding of the pressure we’re under and seems to be on our side. Also he’s funny and a good public speaker, he’s able to control the room without ever raising his voice.”

Yaodi Hu (Senior)


Moving down one grade leads us to the Juniors. Ms. McGlinn is the dean of the current junior class; students are constantly in her office. It provides a nice relaxing vibe for students in the middle of a hard day (or even before and after school). Never worry about the office getting so crowded that there is no room for you. That office can always fit one more. I have personally witnessed around fifteen kids crammed in there all at once. Going to Ms. McGlinn’s office is also great if you just want to talk to her. She is indisputably one of the nicest people on the planet. Her warm greeting brightens even the worst of days. The best part is she just loves her students. No matter who, no matter how many, Ms. McGlinn will welcome each and every person into her office with open arms.


“The environment is just really chill and cozy. You can go in there smiling, frowning, angry, or even crying and you’ll always be welcomed. Plus Ms. McGlinn’s boosts the energy in the room always! Love her.”

-Hanan Ahmed (Junior)


The sophomore’s dean is Ms. McCarthy. She helps keep young teenagers, in their second year of high school, organized. Although this is her first year with this class, the kids already have a love for her. Ms. McCarthy was previously the dean of our late class of 2012. She helped shape and sculpt them, and now she’s ready to do it all over again. This year has been quite a transition for Ms. McCarthy; she went from the upper school office up to the first floor. Now she’s a dean over students she’s used to only seeing in gym classes. However she does her job with such poise as it’s if she’s been the 2016 class’ dean all along.

“She is very devoted to her job. It’s inspiring.”

-Lila Patikin (Sophmore)

The dean of the freshmen is none other than Mr. Windus. Everyone who has been through Latin’s upperschool had the privilege of having Mr. Windus as a dean. He is the dean of every freshmen class, and helps them get accommodated to the life of high school. Mr. Windus always has a smile on his face. If you’re a freshman late for class because you forgot your locker combo (as I was two years ago), Mr. Windus is there to help you relax. He’ll get your locker open for you and help you explain the issue to your teacher. Mr. Windus is prepared for almost anything a freshman is going through. The candy in his office acts an antidepressant, lifting everyone’s spirits.

“Mr. Windus offers us any support that we need. Whether we need help with a piece of writing or if we just need to sit in his office and cool of after a test.”

-Deon Custard (Freshman)

The deans in our school are truly phenomenal. Each and every one of them go way past the call of duty. Although I have only had two of the four deans, I have talked to all of them and I know they all want their students to strive. I’d like to personally thank Mr. Windus, Ms. McCarthy, Mr. Baer, and especially my dean, Ms. McGlinn for all they do. They are truly appreciated.

Do you have a story of when your dean came through for you? Continue the discussion in the comments below.


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Inside the Deans' Offices: Not Just Discipline and Drama