Why Netflix Isn't So Bad

Johnny Gross Staff Writer

As I sit here, finishing yet another episode of Parenthood—preceded by hundreds of previous episodes—I can’t help but reflect on the prevalence of Netflix in the lives of us Latin students, and stress that it has more significance than ostensibly so. Netflix is more than just a provider of endless TV shows and movies; it is a provider of endless laughter and drama and action to offset our ever so stressful high-school careers. A captivating TV episode such as the comedic How I Met You Mother, the bite-your-nails frightening Breaking Bad, or the dramatic Parenthood, can be enough to salvage a work-clustered night.

Parenthood, for example, released in 2010, is about one big family composed of grandchildren, parents, grandparents, and even great-grand parents, living in inseparable unity in order to embrace the wonderful times as well as overcome the inevitable hardships; unfortunately the family of the Braverman’s is struck with incessant, nearly insurmountable obstacles, among them the diagnosis of a psychological illness to one of the grandchildren, Max, as well as the drug and alcohol induced abandonment of a family by a troubled father. All of these setbacks, however, were ultimately surmounted with the aid of unity within their family, much like the setbacks of us Latin students are able to be surmounted with the help of shows like Parenthood, provided by none other than Netflix. Obviously, though, the pressing social and academic issues of Latin students, especially of freshman, are incomparable in extremity to those of the Braverman family, but that is not what is important; what is important is that we both are seeking ways with which to cope with these issues; the Braverman’s being spending time with family, ours being spending time on Netflix.

Many people discourage watching TV stressing that it is frivolous and unimportant; I beg to differ. Television, when watched in moderation and after completing one’s homework, is one of the best inducers of relaxation. One can hardly describe the stress associated with the rigorous academic work at Latin, and one cannot succeed with this incredible and unrelenting stress; thereby making Netflix, the curer of academic stress; the key to academic excellence, if you will. An anonymous freshman student at Latin stated, “My favorite show is 24, and it really helps to relax me after a long night of homework; I make sure, though, not to let it interfere with my work.”

So as I prepare to delve into the next episode of Parenthood, and thoroughly alleviate my stress once again, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of Netflix as it provides relaxation by means of television, enabling us Latin students to reach the acme of our academic and social potential.]]>