Fall Sports Preview

Henry Pollock Managing Editor While Latin’s 125th anniversary is a big year for the school, it’s an even bigger year for Latin sports. All seven teams are working hard to make this season one of the best in Latin’s history, and they each hope to give fans an entertaining, exciting fall. Let’s take a brief look into the expectations for each team. Girls Field Hockey: As the team takes the field for their first games, the future is anything but certain. In contrast to last year’s senior-laden team, the 2013 squad is much younger and less experienced. Though eleven seniors graduated, they were replaced by more than eleven new freshmen, eager to play. Senior captain Maddie McCardle, flanked by junior captains Catie Rose Pate and Lucy Pearsall, has high hopes for the season, remarking on her eagerness to “see how the team gets used to playing with each other.” As the girls work to become familiar with each other, fans should watch to see how they let their individual skills progress into team talent. Notable Games: 9/25 vs. New Trier at the Lincoln Park Turf, 10/5 Homecoming vs. Francis W. Parker. Co-Ed Golf: This year’s golf team is somewhat of a rarity; they are a senior-less team. What the senior class has dropped, however, the juniors have picked up and some. Led by captains Knox Montgomery and Joey Sallerson, both of whom juniors, the team is ready to compete. Quick starters, the team has already competed in a number of matches, the most recent being a tough one-stroke loss to North Shore Country Day. Varsity sophomore Danny Degraff acknowledged that the road to state will “take some effort,” but on the whole he had confidence in the team. He is also looking forward to future years, considering so many freshmen began playing golf this year they had to make a third, freshmen-only team. Notable Matches: 9/10 vs. U-High at Bryn Mawr Country Club, 9/25 ISL Conference Tournament at Cog Hill Golf Course. Girls Tennis: In the words of senior captain Victoria Lancaster, “this season has been different from any other…The team feels like a team.” For a sport like tennis where your teammates are often your opponents, that is a telling statement of the team’s attitude. Victoria and co-captain Annie McDonough are thrilled at the potential for the program. With the aforementioned true team spirit, and a core of players who shine with their skills as well, the only place to go is up. Fans should definitely try to make it out to the Waveland courts for the chance to see what could be a special year for the team. Notable Matches: 9/20 at Waveland vs. Francis W. Parker, 10/12 ISL Conference Tournament at Harper College. Boys & Girls Cross-Country: A mammoth-sized team is ready for another mammoth year. In addition to the coaches, Captains Dan Berkson, Victoria Bianco, Jonah Glick, and Shaina Kaplan have been given the task to lead the scores of runners to victory. Both Boys and Girls teams are primed to succeed this year, with many returning varsity runners and some promising new teammates. 4-year runner Ross Landsman believes that this season will be successful, remarking on the “camaraderie of the teams.” Additionally, the Cross Country team will join in the 125th homecoming festivities; they are having a rare home meet. Notable Meets: 10/5 Homecoming Race at Lincoln Park, 10/17 ISL Championships at Washington Park. Boys Soccer: Without a doubt one of the coolest, funniest, and most awesome teams Latin has to offer, the Boys Soccer team is ready for another strong season. A veteran team (there are 9 seniors and a handful of non-senior returning varsity players), the Romans will be sure to use their experience to propel them to many victories. Like most captains, Tyler Hagedorn, Alex Mendoza, and Henry Pollock are very confident in their team’s potential, saying, “We know we have enough skill, now all we need to do is continue working hard and we’ll be rewarded.” Senior Bart Bess echoed this statement and believes that “we have a strong shot at winning regionals and maybe even going further.” Assuming the injury bug does not strike, the squad looks ready to win early and win often this year. Notable Games: 9/26 at the Lincoln Park Turf vs. Lincoln Park High School, 10/5 Homecoming at the Lincoln Park Turf vs. Francis W. Parker. Girls Volleyball: In terms of personnel, not much has changed for the 2013 Girls Volleyball team, as they have a majority of returning varsity players. As Senior Nicole Golub describes it, because “[we] have been together for at least a year…we know how to push each other to improve.” Fortunately for the team, this team unity will be a driving force throughout the season, potentially driving them to great success. In addition, Camden Olson, Emily Salzman, and Chloe Stiffle, this year’s captains, will be sure to use the team’s collective maturity and experience to effectively lead. Volleyball this fall will definitely be a sport that fans can count on if they want to see Roman victories. Notable Games: 10/4 and 10/5 Latin Varsity Invitational at the Field Gym, 10/25 and 10/26 MICDS Tournament in St. Louis, MO. Girls Swimming: Historically one of Latin’s best performers, the Girls Swim team hopes to have a standout year. Working hard with a preseason full of two-a-day practices, there is no doubt that they are striving to succeed. The team is rife with veteran leaders like captains Rebecca Andruzzi and Odessa Ceh, but also has a strong foundation of underclassmen. After returning from the overnight team bonding trip, junior Alexis Bolandhemat divulged that she is “anticipating a terrific season.” With a bit of time before the team’s first meet in September, the girls will continue to hone their skills and prepare for excellence. Notable Meets: 10/26 Latin Invitational at the Greg Baker Pool, 11/16 IHSA Sectionals at the UIC Natatorium.]]>