Lila’s Prom Away from Prom

Lila Patinkin Seeing as I’m a human female, I’ve been looking forward to prom since the day I first heard about it on the Disney channel in third grade. I planned out how I was going to prepare (with copious amounts of pink), who I was going to go with (Jesse McCartney), and what I would wear (sequins). One can imagine my distress when in fifth grade, I learned that only the big kids could go, and I would have to wait until I was a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior. Despite my disappointment, I vowed that every prom night would be a fun night. It must be kept in mind that back when I said this in fifth grade, my idea of, fun was bedazzling my curtains. This year, the buildup to prom was spectacular. I heard whispers of who was going to ask who and I witnessed prom-posals all over the school Not only was I asked my opinion on dresses, I forced my opinion even if it was not asked of me. The announcements in gathering, the “OMG IT’S PROM” I passed every time I went to the cafeteria, even the flower petals left on the ground from bouquets filled me with some kind of irrational excitement, seeing as the closest I would get to going to prom was through Facebook stalking those who had. Finally the day came. I slept late, ate cereal, read my book, ate more cereal, netflixed, and attempted to go on a jog. I was filled with jealousy for my fellow Latin females, but I knew one day, I would be the one in the prom dress Facebook group. Later that day I received a text from my good friend asking if I wanted to go over that night. Desperate for company other than my two younger sisters who couldn’t quite grasp why I was so depressed, I replied within seconds asking when I should be at her place. On the ride there, I silently checked my phone every few minutes to see if any pre-prom photos had been taken. A picture here, a status there, nothing too interesting popped up. Upon arrival, my friend suggested that we order in pizza and watch a movie. I suggested that we walk to a nearby cupcake place. We did. I got a s’more cupcake, and she got a better flavor. Checking my phone again, I sadly realized that there was sttill nothing of interest on facebook. As we were walking back, we realized what a stupid idea it was to be strolling around a predominately Latin upper-classmen inhabited area. We clutched our cupcake boxes in embarrassment as we passed not one, not two, but four pre-prom photo shoots, hiding our faces and avoiding eye contact as we went. Finally, upon arriving back at my friend’s house, the decision of what movie to watch came up. She suggested A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff, while I suggested the Notebook. We ate pizza, we watched The Notebook, we cried over our cupcakes as any person with feelings would do. On a night in which I feared I would not be able to deal with anything, I had a great time just hanging out, swooning over Ryan Gosling, and eating a cupcake. The pictures on Facebook and Instagram were gorgeous, and I even saw a Vine or two that I enjoyed. Luckily, I only wasted 10 minutes shopping for prom dresses. Maybe 15. My prom night spent away from prom made me learn that prom is something worth waiting for, and even if I don’t go for another year, I always have Titanic and Leonardo DiCaprio to keep me company.  ]]>