Thoughts on a Yearbook

Jessica Mora It is said that the average yearbook is kept for at least 40 years. Whether or not this is true, one thing is for certain: yearbooks are items that are kept and cherished for a long time. For me, this means that as an adult I’ll be able to look back at myself and question why I ever thought wearing Aeropostale and heels was ever worth the trouble. Long after graduation, students will look through the pages of the yearbook and flip through the pages, dumbfounded that kids wore skinny jeans every day. Most importantly, I’ll be able to look back at all my experiences in high school, from friendships and heartbreaks to the fall play. This year’s yearbook captured just that. It’s surprising that even in a small school, I still haven’t even managed to get to know every freshman. A yearbook is not only useful to put names to the faces you constantly see in the hallways but also to recognize the friendships you’ve established during the year. Signatures are a great example of this. When signing someone’s yearbook, you’re leaving a mark that they will remember. A long time from now, Latin students will look back in their yearbooks and signatures will bring back memories of friendships. As useful yearbook can be, there is also a competitiveness that comes with the annual book distribution. It has come to be that yearbooks can be seen as a show of popularity. The more signatures one has, the more popular he or she is. When you open someone’s yearbook and see the signatures, you immediately know what they have been involved in all year. You can also tell what kind of people they hang out with and how others view them. Frankly, yearbook signatures say a lot about a person’s identity and their hobbies. One unique aspect of Latin’s yearbook is the yearbook dedication ceremony. This year’s ceremony was lovely, as we got to recognize all the students who sacrificed their Thursday afternoons to create the yearbook. As someone who got to spend a couple Thursdays with the yearbook crew, I got to see how they keep each other on task, while also being very supportive. To say the least, they are a fantastic group of people. This year’s yearbook dedication was excellent, and as many already know, it was dedicated to Kirk Greer. Although staff members leave, join, and graduate every year, Latin’s yearbook will always be an extraordinary collection of memories put together by an amazing group of people.]]>