Heard at Latin

Bianca Stelian

Hello Forumites!

As a tribute to Amy Balmuth’s and Grace Brandt’s ‘Heard At Latin’ article posted here nearly a year ago, I figured I’d do an updated spin on the idea. Without further ado, here is a sampling of the wonderfully peculiar things that have been said in the Latin halls:

“Complex fractions are like babies having babies.”

“Don’t get too excited, this is a gay magazine.  These are not men we can date.”

“It looks like the apocalypse outside.”

“Seriously guys, the clouds are moving way too fast for me to concentrate.”

“I wish more people stalked me.”

“God, I really hope I don’t poop on stage.”

“Don’t bother, there are other cats to be whipped.”

“Sometimes I wish I had a tail so I could high five people with my tail.”

“My favorite thing to do is crack my back in the bathroom.”

“My grandma looks like a piece of lettuce.  Oddly enough, that lettuce is wrinkle-free.”

“Eradicated? Doesn’t that mean, like, penis?”

“If only T. rexes could put on hats.  Ain’t nobody got time for those stubby arms.”

“Remember when I had more Tamagotchis than friends?”

“Of course you have the right to buy the last pack of Mentos!  That’s got to be in the Constitution somewhere.”

“Every time I see a wolf I think of a tiny dog and a polar bear becoming best friends.”

“Thomas Edison.  He was a president, right?”