April Showers, Can May Flowers Come Now?

Anthea Fisher

I look out the window and see grey. No, it is not the reflection of my sweatpants in the glass, but rather a large, all-consuming cloud. This is Chicago and bad weather is the norm for 6 months of the year, but come April the weather always seems to turn. In years past, Latin students have enjoyed seeing the weather gradually warm up and have tried to subtly stop wearing socks with their Keds. Last Student-Faculty Chorale, lovingly referred to as “stu-fac,” the weather was both balmy and breezy, but this year’s rain meant I had to wear a hood– which we all know isn’t a good look on me.

Other than the fact that I looked like a small boy for the day, there are other real downsides to this horrible weather. The dark and rainy days we’ve seen for the last two weeks lead to lack of motivation and general sadness among the Latin student body. With the end of the year just six weeks away, most Latin upper schoolers can’t wait to get outside and wear that pair of brightly colored shorts that they know they’ll get made fun of for. But, with temperatures hovering at 40 degrees and nonstop rain, the Upper School has been confined to the indoors, lacking the motivation and morale to end the year on a high note. Senior Amy Balmuth offered, “I just feel like drinking a Nantucket Nectar and hanging out with my pup, Snickers. The rain only intensifies this sentiment. I can’t get anything done.”

The saying “April showers bring May flowers” is commonly used to calm the irritated population regarding the rainy month of April. But, with over two weeks of rain and darkness, it was difficult to feel optimistic. Fortunately, it isn’t all bad. After a weekend forecast of 65 and sunny, we might face our first 80 degree day in 2013 and — maybe if we’re lucky– a few flowers come May.