CPS vs. Latin

Su Kim Controversial title, eh? Throughout my transition from public to private school, I have noticed many differences between Latin and other high schools. I have spoken with many of my friends from Latin and CPS schools, and created a lengthy list of differences between the two types of school.

  1. Student-Teacher Relationships:
Although I do not doubt that students from other schools have great relationships with their teachers, I am almost positive the student-teacher dynamic at Latin is unbeatable. Many students, including myself, have everything from countless inside jokes with faculty to valuable “heart-to-heart” conversations that one could only imagine close friends to have. There is no question that the teachers at Latin not only love their job but see the students as more than just someone to teach. 2. Prom Dresses: The girls in our school seem to take prom fashion to a whole new level… one might even use the word couture. The stereotypical dress that comes to mind when one thinks of prom—satin material, ruffles, and large crystal embedded earrings—is overshadowed by fancy brands, current trends, and daring accessory choices. 3. I-Night: I-Night, short for International Night, is an event held every spring by many nearby high schools. It is a night when affinity clubs get together for a celebration of the many different cultures found in Chicago. The result of months of preparation, it contains performances that are always extraordinary. Although Latin hosts gatherings and assemblies to honor and celebrate different cultures, there is something about thousands of students and teachers gathered in a huge stadium that is breathtaking. 4. Word Choices: To me, it is shocking to hear how hurtful some of the words in teenagers’ daily vocabulary can be. It is unfortunate that so many schools constantly struggle with this problem. I am very thankful, however, that Latin’s student body is more conscientious of our word choices and, in turn, more respectful to the entirety of our community. 5.    Longer Breaks: I know that this is more of a technical difference, but I am always thankful for an extra week off of school. It might be a result of the CPS strike that happened earlier this year, but our breaks seem to be significantly longer than other schools’. This allows most students and teachers to enjoy lengthier vacations and get the much-needed rest we all deserve. Undoubtedly, there are noticeable differences between students’ experience at a school like Latin and a CPS school. What I have gathered from hearing countless people compare and contrast the two types is that both institutions have many faults and advantages. How much one will learn and enjoy their experiences at high school solely depends on one’s attitude and approach in their four years. Since the Latin School is such a unique place to learn, we must never take it for granted; we need to continue to work as a community to make life even better for the coming Latin generations.  ]]>